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A heartfelt THANKS to everyone who joined us for the launch of Core Samples: Poems from Northwestern Ontario on Wednesday 11th May 2011 7 pm at the Prince Arthur Hotel

If you missed us, don't despair. Books are still available. Check out our page on purchasing Core Samples. Also, please meander through our blog to find out more about our poetry group, Para-Tactics, and our first collaborative
book, Core Samples.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Timely Poem From Core Samples

Father’s Day Gifts

My father grabs an umbrella
and races out the door:
a gesture as spontaneous
as the sudden squall.
Down his long driveway,
pelting rain darkening his shirt,
to reach a woman dog-walking,
defenceless against the downpour.
He hands her the closed umbrella
then returns to the house, drenched.
Water drips down his face, off his arms,
as he goes upstairs to dry and change.

I present him with a store-bought gift
but its significance has washed away.

~ Sue Blott

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